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In partnership with the Ministry of Education, the General Council and the USEP (Union of teaching of sports in schools), la "Cité Verte" successfully tested trial classes in learning water activities, particularly those helping children gain in independence.

Sessions are spread throughout the day and made easier by having all facilities on one site.

Classes are led by qualified bodyguards and approved by the Ministry of Education.

Teaching is split into three stages:

  1. Initial entry into the pool, discovery of water, moving around, new references, etc...
  2. Getting to know this new activity
  3. Organisation of learning and making progress

At the request of the Inspector of the Academy, these swimming classes are teamed with a second activity: the discovery of prehistory, theatre or painting workshops, etc....
We are at your disposal for further information or to help you draw up a detailed programme.

Full board accommodation cost from: 29,80 € (for children from 5 to 10 years old, the activities are in addition.

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