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Welcome with Space Back in shape of the Cité Verte! The Space of Back in shape is a place where you will be able to carry on an sports activity in a convivial environment, at your rate/rhythm and according to your level.

The professors are at your disposal to guide you, you to advise and animate the collective courses.

A special program and adapted could be elaborate with you on request. .

You do not know the activities of our room, why not attend free a meeting of discovery? (information with the reception)

Apparatuses of musculation
The room is equipped with E material recent:
- 1 carpet of race
- 6 bicycles
- 2 elliptic
- 1 machine with calf
- 1 machine delivery/supply mains

Our collective courses (collective Courses starting from 5 people)
BODY BARS: muscular work of endurance with bar and discs.
BODY SCULPT: muscular reinforcement on all the body with small haltères
L.I.A: course choreography
FAC: gluteus, abdos, thighs
AEROBOXE: course cardio with movements of combat (punch, feet)
STRETCHING: stretchings, easings
DOS-ABDOS: reinforcements, stretchings
AEROBICS: vascular course cardio
TBC: course alternating reinforcement and cardio .

The accompanying children the adults will not be accepted in room of Back in shape. The room is opened to the people of more than 18 years or as from 16 years (on medical regulation only and accompanied by an adult).

The room of musculation will be closed bank holidays and the day before Christmas and of 1st of the year. An annual closure of 3 week is envisaged at the end of July - semi August. No carryforward or refunding will be carried out over these periods of closing.

Courses “Seniors”
Cours free opened to the seniors (+ 60 years) deHagetmau and of the canton, Tuesday and Thursdays, of mid-September at the end of May (information with the reception).

Complexe d’Entraînement Sportif International - Téléphone : +33 (0)5 58 79 79 79 - Fax : +33 50 05 58 79 79 99 - e-mail :
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